Billing Support for Medical Billing Companies

Would you like to spend more time increasing sales than managing billing activity?

Owners of a Medical billing practice can often find themselves in these situations:

  • Need to add staff quickly to keep up with Workload
  • Need faster turnaround from claims processing to getting paid
  • Keep operations costs down even when Insurance re-imbursements are getting lower
  • Maintain high Productivity and while boosting employee morale

Zyncorp can help you:

  • Choose specific areas where you need help
  • Eliminate the need for Training and Retraining your staff.
  • Manage your overflow load
  • Focus more on Increasing Sales and Customer service
  • Ability to turn your business into a 24/7 operation
  • Cut operational cost by up to 40%

Our Services include:

  • Demographic Data entry
  • Insurance and Eligibility Verifications
  • Pre-Authorizations
  • Charge Entry and Claims processing
  • Payment posting and Balancing
  • Insurance Follow up and Denial Management
  • Reporting