Billing Service for Medical and Dental Providers

Whether you are a Doctor or a Dentist, we have the right combination of outsourced service designed to suit your needs at every level. At Zyncorp we believe that there is no “One size fits all solution” for your billing needs. That is why we have tailored our services to specifically address only those areas where you need help with. We Recognise that there are some functions in your practice that can be best done inhouse and some that can be best done by an Outsourcing partner. This arrangement not only makes your practice make more efficient but is also very cost-effective. Our Support Services directly result in

  • Maximum Reimbursements
  • Fewer Denials
  • Faster Payments
  • Fewer Insurance outstanding
  • Increased Productivity
  • Lower operation costs ( By upto 40% )
  • Simplified Workflow

Our goal is to take the headache and anxiety out of your medical billing efforts

Get Paid More and Faster

Reduce Operational Costs

Simplify Workflow

for Doctors Office

for Dentists Office